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“My wife and I were so happy, but you can never be too sure, right? The polygraph test she took when "Mr Honourable" confronted her proved beyond doubt that she'd been cheating all along. "Mr Honourable" Private Investigators showed me the error of my trusting ways. The divorce papers are in the post to my soon to be EX-wife.”

Mr. T, Colinton

“There's an old Latin saying in divorce law: “nudus cum nuda in loco suspecto non paternoster dicere praesumuntur” / “an unclothed man and woman found together in a suspicious place are presumed not to be praying together”. Thanks to the investigation carried out by "Mr Honourable" with their unrivalled covert techniques (glossy 8x8's included in the price!), I can say "Amen" to that.”

Rev. M, Morningside

“I long suspected that nepotism was rife in the secretive world of publicly funded art in Scotland."Mr Honourable"spent a few days tailing the movers and shakers who write the cheques and approve the promotions, and the 'old boys' network they found would make your hair curl. I'll be exposing the whole disgraceful shenanigans at a forthcoming exhibition. Thanks "Mr Honourable”, I couldn't have done it without you.”

Mr. H (retired), Leith

“I really wasn't sure who the father of my youngest son was, but "Mr Honourable" Private Investigators collected DNA for paternity tests from every one of the possible candidates in a discreet, confidential way. The results were in within a week of them finding the last one. I still can't believe they were able to persuade them all to give up samples, but now I can report the correct man to the CSA, with confidence.”

Ms. B, Barnton

“I long suspected that my business partner was cooking the books, but he always denied it. After just one early morning visit from a Detective of "Mr Honourable" Private Investigations he certainly changed his tune. He not only confessed, but is paying me back weekly, with interest!”

Mrs. F, Glasgow

Our relationship was always methodical, he’s a Free Church Minister after all, so after an unexpected wanton night following his sermon, I began to wonder where he learned those things.  Perhaps he’d just reread Genesis 2:24?  I couldn’t approach anyone in the congregation, the only serpent there would have been me.  So I gave “Looking At You” a call.  After several months of infiltrating a secretive, close knit Island, I can gladly say I am now the ‘Wee Free’, and he, along with his mistresses, are no longer part of the church.

Mary. M. Lewis,  Partick.


I knew my son had a habit of sorts, but what teenager doesn’t?  Being typically secretive and explosive, asking him wasn’t going to help.  As a mother, it may seem extreme to hire an agency, but I just had to know, and I had heard nothing but how subtle and discreet “Looking At You” were.  He was always on the croft, more than what his chores required, but his extreme ‘love’ for sheep would never have even crossed my mind.  Thanks to the team at “Looking At You”, he is now getting the help he needs.

Mrs M McGhee, Aberdeen

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